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Melissa Webb's Project

The Interstitium

The Interstitium is a site-responsive installation by visual artist Melissa Webb, in collaboration with Brooklyn-based vocal and sound artist Judette Elliston. Mounted in the long-abandoned (but now in developmental transition) Lee Paper Company building in Vicksburg, Michigan. The 143,000-square-foot building is home to Prairie Ronde Artist Residency, in which Melissa and Judette both participated in 2023.

Melissa Webb


How Do You Flash Your Lights?

The Interstitium is one of several site-responsive projected video and textile-based works that I’ve completed in recent years. The process of creating this work involves lots of exploring, filming, and audio recording in the vicinity of the intended site. Although I captured a ton of environmental sound around the Mill, I ultimately decided to collaborate with fellow Prairie Ronde resident Judette Elliston who captured and mixed the vocal audio track for the piece on site, in direct response to my installation. 


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