Flash Your Lights

15th Artist Cohort

Coming April 8th!

The artists in this digital exhibition are 2023 Kresge Artist Fellows and Gilda Award recipients. Their work involves interlocking rhythms of solidarity, reclamation, and commemoration. The desire to surface the underseen and unheard.

Artists were asked to consider a guiding question inspired by Detroit radio DJ, The Electrifying Mojo: How do you flash your lights?

Curated by Kristen Gallerneaux
Website by Echo Charlie

Ackeem Salmon
Brittany Rogers
Cieara Estelle
Edward Salem
Elton Monroy Duran
Erin K. Schmidt
Kimberly LaVonne
Lauren Kalman
Lauren Williams
Louise Jones
Melissa Webb
Miranda Kyle
Quinn Alexandria Hunter
Rita Dickerson
Rory Scott