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Ackeem Salmon's Project

From the Caribbean to
Our Daily Meditation

Reflecting on movements such as Junkanoo in the Caribbean and diverse forms of storytelling, it is evident how costuming, music, and dance served as means to document past experiences. This has empowered me to reimagine contemporary issues related to race, class, and access through a more satirical and autobiographical approach.

Ackeem Salmon


How Do You Flash Your Lights?

Our ancestors in Jamaica paved the way for the integral vibrant culture that contemporary society is familiar with. The textures of the past facilitated acts of rebellion and reclamation of human dignity that the colonial era sought to suppress. Aligned with the ‘Flash Your Lights’ theme, my ancestors resonate through the stories I convey today, spanning from my paintings and drawings to the sonic timelines of music and poetry.

“On the Remembrance of His Last Summer” | 2019
35mm film
Kingston, Jamaica
“Remembering Yellow” | 2022-2023
Mixed Media Collage, Acrylic, Oils on Panel
Kingston, Jamaica
48” x 72”x 2.5”

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