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Kimberly LaVonne's Project

The Bridge

With this piece I wanted to depict where my mom and I are when communicating with each other via our cellular phones. On the side depicting my mother, she stands in front of the Bridge of the Americas in Panama, looking down at her phone as if in the process of sending a message. On the other side I drew myself sitting in Capitol Park in downtown Detroit.

Kimberly LaVonne


How Do You Flash Your Lights?

I utilize the surfaces of my ceramic works to create noise, business, and areas of discovery. This theme presented an opportunity to layer actual sounds to the work. I referenced recordings from Panama City, Panama, a family gathering, a visit to the beach, and a quiet moment viewing the farmlands of Cerro Punta.
Ceramic | 6.5"x5.25"x3.5"

Mujeres de Mi Linea

This series highlights women in my family from Panama. The image of my mother is from her resident alien card when she first came to the United States from Panama. My grandmother Celia is seated in her usual manner, always with a serious expression. The other portrait is of my aunt Dayra, from a photo sent to me of her waving hello after many years of not seeing each other. Still with the kindest eyes and hands showing years of hard work. These are woven together with sculpted floral elements and patterns as small celebrations memorializing the women in my family.
Tia Dayra
Ceramic | 6.5"x5.25"x3.5"

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