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Miranda Kyle's Project

This project is an amalgamation of paintings completed over the years. Majority of them encapsulate concepts of the Black experience, mental health, and living within your truth.

Miranda Kyle


How Do You Flash Your Lights?

My project relates to the Flash Your Lights theme because of The Electrifying Mojo’s noncompliance to the concept of being “easily digestible” to the mass majority. He played what he wanted to hear, and his audience followed. My project has a similar idea as well as me as a person. Depending on who you ask, my art is a bit unconventional.

“We are who we are because
of where we’ve been.”

– Miranda Kyle

Within the Garden; James - Image - 07
Within the Garden | James
Watercolor on paper
48in x 58.5in
Within the Garden; Self - Image - 06
Within the Garden | Self
Watercolor on paper
96in x 60in

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