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Rory Scott's Project

Impermanence | Run

Impermanence | Run is an animation showcasing my daily time-lapse running videos—abstracted to visually depict the distortion of time and to observe how recurring patterns emerge over time. Running has been my profound teacher, teaching me resilience and the significance of every step towards my goals. As I approach nearly 1000 consecutive days of running, it stands as a testament to my dedication to my dreams and personal growth.

Rory Scott

New Media

How Do You Flash Your Lights?

My project aligns with the Flash Your Lights theme through my fascination with time and impermanence. Through years of collecting and creating artifacts such as recorded thoughts and sounds, I’ve cultivated a rich archive with the intention of incorporating them into my work.

The audio components for the project span back to 2018, reflecting my ongoing exploration and dedication to capturing moments in time.

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